Nordic Alpha Partners was founded on the philosophy that successful investments depend on:

  • Thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities of the portfolio companies, and
  • The ability – in “real-time” - to facilitate and fuel the management teams’ successes with capital and best-in-class skills, tools and capabilities.

To service this philosophy, half of the Nordic Alpha Partners organization is fully dedicated to working closely with its portfolio management teams, in order to understand the detailed dynamics of their growth journeys and to ensure that they have full access to Nordic Alpha Partners’ unique and extensive value creation framework.


Business Services

Pre-validated or pre-negotiated partnerships with best-in-class local and global business services and consultants. The services are purely a buffet offer to management with an objective to minimize time spent/management de-focus, while maximizing the outcome from launch of new programs, transformation initiatives and business expansion strategies.

Business Services examples are:

  • Lead generation engines and telemarketing
  • Executive and specialist recruitment
  • Manufacturing, operations and supply chain consultants
  • Marcom, web and digital services
  • Legal and financial services partners
  • M&A partners, fundraising

SWAT team

Best-in-class advisor team and interim specialists, who can be rapidly involved or deployed to support day-to-day specific value creation challenges, growth strategy hypothesis development, temporary specialist functions, critical recruitment support as well as general strategy and operational sparring with management.

SWAT profile skills examples are:

  • Digitization / R&D / Innovation management
  • Industry 4.0 transformation
  • Production out/in -sourcing
  • Fundraising, exit processes
  • Marketing and global expansion strategy
  • Corporate partnership negotiation

Hypothesis based growth strategy

When embarking on a high growth, global or technological transformation journey, the ability to get solid market, technology or innovation process data response fast and with maximum amount of clarity, is critical to the speed and impact of strategy implementation. Nordic Alpha Partners has developed a hypothesis-based growth strategy traction frame, that enables portfolio companies to rapidly test multiple and parallel, critical value creation initiatives and strategies - all with the aim to increase speed of execution and maximize success.