Mater sets its sights on international expansion based on Danish design tradition and green technology

With a large double-digit million amount (DKK) from the growth fund, Nordic Alpha Partners (NAP), the Danish furniture manufacturer, Mater, is now scaling production and preparing for its international breakthrough. The ambition is to bring its sustainable furniture to the world markets and create another Danish star in the international design hall of fame.

Good design and sustainability do not have to be opposites. This is what Danish furniture company Mater has brought testimony to since its inception in 2006, where the combination of a focus on sustainability and a keen eye for design formed the core of the company’s DNA. This has since resulted in beautiful furniture in certified wood or recycled plastics and fibres, which can be seen at e.g. Star-bucks, Mercedes, Four Seasons and The Royal Opera House in London.

Other large companies have also opened their eyes to the company’s unique concept for use of waste products and i.e. Carlsberg, Novo Nordisk, BKI and Grohe have had their residual products from beer and coffee production as well as waste plastic transformed into new furniture, which they themselves have subsequently purchased. In this way, the companies’ furniture purchases contribute positively to their CO2 reporting and at the same time bring tangible proof – to customers as well as employees – of an active engagement towards sustainability and circularity. With the new investment, the company based in central Copenhagen, can now lift its ambitions and set its sights on an international breakthrough.

“The inclusion of NAP gives us the opportunity to realize the dream of creating an international design brand based on sustainability and timeless design – and with products consisting of many different types of waste materials from large companies,” says Henrik Marstrand, CEO and founder of Mater. “For a company like Mater, it is not just a matter of raising money, but to a much greater extent it is finding a partner who knows how to scale industrial companies based on a sustainability agenda. We have found that with NAP.”

An investment in the future of furniture manufacturing
With its entry as the main shareholder in Mater, NAP will be an active co-owner and through the implementation of its value creation model the fund will work towards a common goal of growing the turnover tenfold within the next 5-7 years and further expand activities in the Nordics, Germany, England and USA.

“In Denmark, we are among the leading nations in the development of green technologies and we also have a very strong design tradition. That is why we at Nordic Alpha Partners are happy to invest in a company that has been able to combine these strengths,” says Jakob Fuhr Hansen, Investment Partner at NAP. “At the same time, we have noted that Mater has succeeded in attracting large international brands to their circular concept. We believe this contributes to making the company’s global potential even greater.”

As part of the transition to international growth, Henrik Marstrand will in future focus on research and product development within Mater’s new, green production technology, while the task of executing the expansionary strategy will fall to the new CEO. Ketil Årdal, who has previously held the position as commercial director of Europe’s largest office furniture manufacturer, Flokk Group, states: “I am very much looking forward to becoming part of a ‘purpose’-driven company that is in the forefront of providing circular solutions within design furniture and lighting – and in collaboration with Henrik and the rest of the Mater team to speed up our growth plans.”

The concept and technology that makes it possible to transform waste from industrial companies and applying it to design products has given Mater a ‘first-mover’ advantage in a global market where Danish furniture manufacturers have previously asserted themselves. “Consumption is here to stay. But with new, innovative solutions available, consumption can actually help clean up. So, the more we consume, the more waste we can remove. At Mater, we can now make a significant contribution to that!”, Henrik Marstrand concludes.


About Mater
Mater was founded in 2006 on the idea that future furniture manufacturing should be able to combine sustainability with high-quality design.
Mater currently collaborates with a number of leading Danish and international designers, including Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel, Space Copenhagen and others.
The company currently employs 14 people, but with the upcoming expansion it will put significant investments towards both manpower and production in the main markets.
Mater was founded by CEO, Henrik Marstrand.

About Nordic Alpha Partners
Nordic Alpha Partners is a hard-tech growth fund founded in 2017 with DKK 945 million under management. NAP fund typically invests in established hard-tech companies with DKK 20-150 mil. in turnover showcasing a potential to drive larger global transformations by either utilizing or developing Industry 4.0 technologies. Nordic Alpha Partners works with its investments in a more operational manner compared to what is usually the case among European venture and growth funds. For instance, by drawing upon the in-house developed ‘Value Creation Model’ (VCM).

NAP: PR consultant, Martin Plambek, 52111125,
Mater: Head of Marketing & PR, Trine Mark Egeberg, 26152417,

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