CSR Policy

- at Nordic Alpha Partners

Nordic Alpha Partners is committed to high ethical standards and professional industry standards in order to ensure responsible business decisions in terms of operation of the fund as well as investments in and operation of our portfolio companies.

Awareness of our Corporate Social Responsibility is built into all of our key processes, from our screening and due diligence of potential target companies, to our portfolio governance and monitoring of portfolio companies.

The principles of the UN Global Compact and OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises are integrated in our business values, and we actively promote human rights, labor rights, environmental sustainability and anti-corruption.

We acknowledge that the closest touch point with society derives from our role as finance partner and investor. Consequently, we observe the UNPRI principles and report according to Invest Europe’s guidelines. Furthermore, we comply with the Code of Conduct issued by Invest Europe.

Therefore, Nordic Alpha Partners promotes responsible investments benefitting the environment and society as a whole, and we support a sustainable financial environment characterized by good governance, ethics, integrity and accountability.

As a consequence of the above, when considering prospective Investments, we endeavor to:

  • not invest in enterprises that deliberately and repeatedly violate applicable local rules of law,
  • not invest in enterprises from countries subject to trade embargoes imposed by the UN or EU,
  • not engage in activities that may be legal, but promotes violent conflicts or that have as main purpose tax evasion.
  • not make investments which would result in violation of sanctions adopted by the UN or EU, including activities such as gambling, tobacco production or the supply or manufacture of firearms.

Due diligence

ESG impact (social, environmental and governance) forms a specific part of our due diligence when investing in companies.

Ongoing monitoring of portfolio companies

We require portfolio companies to have clear position on ESG-issues, and we ensure that the Rules of Procedure for the Board of the portfolio companies includes periodic reviews of CSR and ESG issues as part of the board agenda.